1. SU Design Symposium: Abbott Miller / 4 of 4

    Thanks for the monograph Abbott! Endless inspiration for the students of SU CMD.


    Calibre (by Klim type foundry) never looked so good. All lowercase knocked out on grey book cloth. (with just one color shift) … see next post:


    AND book as exhibit:


  2. Sophomoric type:

    Humble beginnings for myself as a typographer. (My laughably bad / yet amazing poster a few weeks in to my ComDesign life)

    Unlike Abbott’s cover type in previous post, and Kevin Lyon’s lettering that I collaborated with him on years later at the NYT Mag … the young designer falls victim to trying to make everything shout rather than simply changing one thing at at time (color, weight, scale, typeface).

  3. Fashion logos & Parody:

    So many great examples out there its hard to be impressed / surprised …  but Helen’s RAD (Prada) did exactly that. 

    Hadn’t seen the Yves version of Experimental Jetset’s design either.


  4. White Space:

    The classic VW ad from 1959 by Doyle Dane Bernbach came up this week in class. … And remembered the classic ESPN cover from Jordan’s retirement, when the mag parodied themselves with Jeter’s cover this month.

  5. A great site for and by:
The Women of Graphic Design
Thanks Alexis

    A great site for and by:

    The Women of Graphic Design


    Thanks Alexis

  6. SU Design Symposium: Pattie Moore

    Various Pattie pics and the award winning Light Rail Design (Phoenix, Arizona)

    And little did I know she’d turn out to be such a rock star. (after I designed a “YO! MTV Raps” parody for her poster)

  7. Indie Publishing: Journal-y mags / 1 of 2

    Love Rosa Park’s Cereal mag. Minimal and visually sophisticated with lots of white space in imagery and layout. Typical of a bookish / journal-like type of magazine these days. 


  8. Indie Publishing: Journal-y mags / 2 of 2

    Kinfolk and their cropped / obscured figures in covers and birds eye table shot.


  9. ADC Young Guns:

    YG12 winners just announced. 


    I have mixed feelings about design competitions. However, landing a ‘cube’ can be great self-promo for your career.

    YG5 Moleskine book designed by SU CMD alum Alan Dye.

    Bloomberg Businessweek’s Tracy Ma with the award.

  10. Stacey Baker’s (aka Stace-a-lace) citilegs series: