1. Alexis Quarles: Internship search GURU!:

    Amazing presentation to the sophomores today. LOVED the 18 / 8 / 5 = 1 dream internship.

    Thanks Alexis!


  2. 2014 TypeWorkshop:

    Geeking out to baseline grids

    Nathan channeling Michelangelo and the ‘subtractive’ method.

    How does Michele really feel about commercial work?!

  3. Streets of SYR:

    Dan Flavin-esque at Bamboo House

    Big Caslon at Urban

  4. SU Fashion catalog sent to press!:

    Design by myself and Studio 3.Thanks to all who contributed.

    Creative direction by TO Long-Nam

    Photography by: 

    Shijing Wang


    Drew Osumi


    Allen Chiu


  5. Some exciting new work coming out of the third floor:

    T-shirt by myself and …

    Lettering by Simon Abranowicz


    Creativity poster design by Jordan Dudden and 352 class


  6. Mother NY: 1 of 4

    Another big thank you for our latest SU Design Symposium guests: Mark Aver and Christian Cervantes of Mother Design.

    Fighting the good fight of bringing good ‘design’ to big brands and advertising. Endlessly inspiring for all in attendance with insight into their process, culture and work.

    For those who missed, or to check out their other projects:


  7. Mother NY: 2 of 4


    Making Microsoft relevant to the creative set. Mission accomplished.


  8. Mother NY: 3 of 4

    Maison Gerard:

    Loved how this identity was distilled down from equal parts art deco and gallery minimalism.


  9. Mother NY: 4 of 4

    White Pike:

    Gravestone type rubbings … is there a better backstory for an identity?!


  10. Streets of NYC:

    Y3 window / type

    Retro Super Future / graphic

    The Whitney Biennial installation on west side pier

    and some misc wild postings and graphics for Harry’s Corner Shop (barber)